Lake Powell Gallery

c10-Beach Sunset.jpgc0-Moon above the rocks.jpgc14-Rainbow Bridge.jpgc21-North Lake Powell.jpgc25-Southern End Landscape.jpgc26-Beautiful Lake Powell Colors.jpgc42-Green Water Channel.jpgc47-Pathway through the rocks.jpgc54-WInding Green Coridor.jpgc62-Bend in the water.jpgc64-Rocks in the Mirror.jpgc65-Moon rising over the Lake.jpgc73-Lake Mirror 2.jpgc75-Green Pathway.jpgc77-Cool Overhang.jpgc81-Night Glow.jpgc90-All the textures.jpgc91-Mirror Lake.jpgc95-Amazing Wall.jpgc99-Mirror water.jpgWhats Around the Bend.jpg
This is my Lake Powell Gallery taken on “Guys Trips” between 2005 and 2010. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Good luck with that :).